Japan Day Project


JDP key visual キービジュアル
pv image 1 PVにでてくるキービジュアル 1
pv image 2 PVにでてくるキービジュアル 2
pv image 2 ラッピングバス(白) in Paris
Working together with Think-Sync, Airside Nippon produced all the visual materials for Japan Day Project. Japan Day Project is a new promotional platform designed to boost the global market for Japanese films, TV, manga and other contents. kufolio offered the key visual illustration for the project.
In May 2015, JDP hosted a Japan Pavilion at Cannes Film Festival. We had the opportunity to decorated the staircase at Palais with the JDP key visual. JDP also took part at the Japan Expo. Two JDP ad-wrapped buses cruised the streets of Paris ferrying attendees to the expo.
pv image 1 ラッピングバス(黒) in Paris
Client: J-lop / Think Sync
Design Company: Airside Nippon
Design: kufolio