Kanyoutei Branding

Logo, Packaging & Product Design

kanyoutei_logo 甘養亭ロゴ
rakugans 革新をテーマにした落雁『富士山』のデザイン画
rakugan photo 伝統をテーマにした落雁『さくら』のパッケージと革新をテーマにした落雁『富士山』の落雁たち
modern rakugan packaging モダン落雁のエンボス加工を施した五角形のパッケージングのグラフィック
Airside Nippon and kufolio were asked to renew logo and help repackage the products for Japanese confectionery maker Kanyoutei. The company has been in business for over 380 years. There was an extra challenge, to come up with new designs for rakugan. Rakugan are traditional sweets made by hand and shaped in a handcrafted wooden mould. We created rakugan designs in the form of Mt. Fuji and a modern take of the cherry blossom motif. The rakugan sweets made the debut at Milan Salone in April 2014.
explanation cards 富士山型の帯でまとめた全3枚の落雁の説明付きカード
shopper 落雁用ショッパー
Client: Kanyoutei
Design Company: Airside Nippon
Design: kufolio